Tuesday, June 26, 2007

23 Weeks

Karliegh loves to put her hands on my belly and talk to her baby brother. She begged me the other day to take her picture touching my tummy...so I did...she is so funny. We are waiting out firework season. Jason is selling fireworks in Fort Smith for 2 weeks so it's just the girls. I am trying to clean out closets and rooms to get ready to paint the baby's room...so we can have it ready before Jason starts football! I ordered some bedding from ebay...just got it in...I think it will be really cute when we get it all together...I'll post pictures when I get it finished. Karleigh also started preschool this summer...just one day a week, she likes it some days and hates it others...I think it depends on what mood she's in. She really likes everything but naptime...she says,"it lasts forever!"...Her teachers say she is quiet, but never goes to sleep...she's whiney by bedtime, usually before, on the nights she goes to school! I can't believe she's already 4 years old!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's a BOY!

We found out on May 30th that we are indeed having a BOY. I am excited, but anxious because it is a change...and I don't like changes most of the time... I know that when I start geting everything ready and we AGREE on a name it will be more exciting to me, but right now I'm just getting used to the idea... I want a name that starts with a K or C...because it will be Jason, Jana, Karleigh, & __________????? if it starts with another letter it will sound like we left him out...I know I'm crazy!!!! I want to name him Kade, but Jason's cousin has a little boy named Kade...I LOVE that name and have since before we found out Karleigh was a girl...we have also thought about Karter, Kaden, Karson, & Kent...to name a few, but it seems like we know someone that has each of those names...and being teachers, some of them are less than appealing to us...I am about to say we will have little Kade and big Kade on the one or two days a year we get together w/ cousin Kade! I also have to find some cute boy clothes...I look at baby things and come around the corner to see little frilly girls clothes...and they are so cute...it makes me remember when Karleigh was just a baby...and how she's grown...ugh...pregnancy hormones...I tear up all of the time now!!! hahahahaha...anyway, Karleigh is getting her brother...she's been telling us it was a brother for 2 months...we should have listened to her!!!