Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Grade

Well my little girl is officially a big 6 year old first grader! She was so excited for a week before school started because she found out that her teacher would be Mrs. Srader.  She knows her from church and I think they talked some last year because Karleigh was just sure she would be her teacher even before Kindergarten was over! 

We visited the school and took a tour one Sunday evening when Mrs. Srader and her husband were working so that Karleigh would not be overwhelmed in the new building (it's huge)!  Then, we went again on "meet and greet" night where these pictures were taken.  

The theme in Mrs. Srader's room is "The Frog Prince"...I think she likes frogs!  The kids all got to wear a crown on the first day, and that was just GREAT for Karleigh!

The first full week of school Karleigh has "come out of her shell" so to speak.  She has been in trouble for talking several times.  Mrs. Srader had to move her desk one day to get her attention.  Karleigh came home and told us each time she got in trouble so I guess it's good that she hasn't tried to hide it!  She told me that when Mrs. Srader moved her desk she told her "One more time Miss Karleigh and you won't get reward on Friday!" Now THAT scared her!  She's not been BAD, her teacher says she's a "good girl", but I like that Mrs. Srader expects  a lot from her!  She wants the kids to learn NOW what is expected from them, and with 23 kids in the room she can't have talkers!  Karleigh seems to really be learning quickly!  She is studying living and non living things in science, and reads so well!  I think she's in for a great year!  


Paw Paw Mike brought us two watermelons straight from the patch...
Kole says, "tank ooo Paw Paw"...."mmmmm"!

Karleigh shared her watermelon with her buddy Evan...

                                  They said "This is goooooooood!"

We all enjoyed the watermelon very much, and Mom just LOVED cleaning us all up!

Evan Obsession

                                I don't think Kole is having much fun!

                                                       Don't tell Jason!

                                            I'm loving the shoes Evan!

                                           What a pair!

Well, the end of summer is is starting, and we had to get in just a few more days with Evan.  Karleigh and Evan have been friends for as long as they have been alive.  They didn't know they were friends until a couple of years ago, but ever since they realized it they have been pretty much joined at the hip!  I should post past pics with Evan...that could be another entry.  Anyway, Kim and I joke all of the time about when the day comes that they can't lock themselves in a room together.  This summer Evan has learned that it's cute to tell everyone that he's going to marry Karleigh when they grow up.  He told his mom many times, but then on vacation he got quite a lot of attention (esp. from teenage girls) when he told about his love for Karleigh so he told EVERYONE that would listen. LOL!  Karleigh thinks Evan is pretty neat! She's always had a lot of boy friends at church, but I guess since Kim and I spend a lot of time together Evan has become one of the closest.  Jason made Evan mad this summer because he told him that before he could marry Karleigh he would have to ask him and his baseball bat (or something like that).  I think it hurt Evan's feelings that Jason would even think about coming after him with a bat... OH the things to come!  I think it's really funny to listen to Evan and Karleigh play.  Karleigh can get Evan to do things that he would NEVER do otherwise, and Evan keeps Karleigh's tomboy side from getting too dusty!  Some days they are inside playing house with the dolls and dress up clothes.  Other days they are knee deep in mud, sand, and rocks or climbing trees.  I think Kim has learned never to send Evan to my house expecting him to leave clean and dry...unless I wash his clothes while he's here!  She used to tell him he could come over if he didn't get muddy or more, we just change clothes now!  I know it's a mess when they get wet and nasty, but oh the memories they are making...and Evan always wants to stay longer!  Sometimes I think those two are kindred spirits...they were together the whole week of vacation and I don't remember one big fuss!  That's pretty rare for kids their age!  Anyway, these were some of the last days of summer before Evan started kindergarten and Karleigh started first grade...LOTS of fun!

5 months with Kaleb

This was Kaleb in March...Just a few months ago...
This is Kaleb time flies, and WOW, isn't God good!

He is a very healthy 16 pounds, and growing more every day! He is laughing out loud, smiling, watching every move his sissy and brother make, reaching for things, staring at his hands and feet, babbling, and, thanks to sissy, lifting his head (especially in the car seat). I am NOT ready for him to start rolling over, sitting up, eating baby food...all of those things that mean he's not a "baby" anymore!

I LOVE the baby stage...I know I'm crazy, but it's so sweet...especially now when he smiles every time I walk into view! It's just something to feel like you are so loved and needed by someone so innocent and precious! Of course Karleigh and Kole need me too, but they just don't need me when I want them to! LOL! I haven't started Kaleb on cereal yet because he's not acting like he needs or wants to eat anything else...I had such a time with Kole that I decided to wait until I'm sure Kaleb's ready! I can't believe this is the same litte man that was at Children's just a few short months ago...what a great God we serve!

See, he's got all the little rolls and dimples that make you want to pinch him...which we all do quite often (not hard of course). This little man has brought us such joy and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, I am such a bad blogger lately!  I am always so excited to do creative things like blog, scrapbook, decorate my house... it just never gets past the "thinking about it" stage!  I just STAY TIRED!  I was saying this to my friend Kim the other day and she said..."Jana, I don't know why you would be tired?  When is the last time you slept for 8 hours straight?...3 years?"  Yep!  I think that may be least 3 years since I really slept until I felt rested!  Not that it hasn't been worth it...just love my kiddos, but I would love to be a little more rested!  My mother in law says I'll sleep in 18 years!  (I hope it's a little sooner)
I was sitting out here on the porch watching the kids play and I thought that maybe I should use this time to blog a little!  It's pretty cool for an August day!  I bet it's probably 80 degrees, and it looks like it could rain.  Every once in awhile it thunders and a few sprinkles have fallen, but not anything enough to drive us indoors! 
 Kole is running around the yard in his pajama shirt and some little training pants (which have been wet since 2 minutes after he came outside).  He told me "poopie boody" when he got up from his nap, and he was actually telling me the truth! I guess that's a step in the right direction!  He's really young still, but he seems to like going to pee pee ...especially outside so why not!  If I set the timer and take him every 30 min. he stays pretty dry, but again...sometimes I don't get around to that!   He's just sooooo cute...his big blue eyes get him lots!!!  His vocabulary is expanding...sometimes it's a question of what language he's speaking though.  Milk is "mulch", juice is "ducey", "twain"is train, "aipwane" is airplane, and we've just figured out "dadoo" is blanket (where that comes from we have NO idea!)  
 Kaleb is sitting in the bouncy seat beside me watching his brother and sister play!  He's just started to notice his surroundings more!   He laughed out loud the other day...he's precious!  We have NOT mastered the sleeping all night yet!  I don't think he's done it once...well, maybe from 11-5 ONE TIME!  I am such an enabler!  LOL!  I let him nurse to sleep a lot because I'm tired and don't want to listen to crying... besides he's still in our room...where else could I put him?  He usually wakes up in the night and eats for 2 min. and is asleep...but sometimes it happens over and over and over...  LOL!  I am trying to keep him a baby for as long as I can!  He's already growing so fast!  I guess it will only get worse... Mama's baby's get away with everything!  Hopefully I won't be that bad!  I keep thinking when school starts we will have more of a schedule, but who am I will be even worse! LOL!
Karleigh is going back and forth between riding her bicycle, (with no training wheels) and coloring the porch like a rainbow with her chalk!  She's quite the little artist.  She loves to color, draw, and create things!  She colors the concrete with her sidewalk chalk, and then uses this little brush to brush the dust into a "rainbow mountain".  Of course Kole LOVES to come along and destroy her mountains!  She's really quite patient with her little brothers most of the time.  She loves to "mother" them.  This summer she's even changed Kole's diaper and gotten him dressed!  Such a big help!  I try to give her at least some of her own space and time each day because she has to share a lot, but some days it just isn't realistic.  She's excited about starting 1st grade!  Her teacher is Mrs. Srader, who goes to our church!  We've been so blessed to have 2 great christian teachers so far!  Mrs. Srader told us that the first day of school they are doing "The Frog Prince" and everyone gets to wear a crown!  That's right up Karleigh's alley!
Well, it's gettin to be supper time and  my "free time" has ended.  It's back to the real world...MY kids!