Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Grade

Well my little girl is officially a big 6 year old first grader! She was so excited for a week before school started because she found out that her teacher would be Mrs. Srader.  She knows her from church and I think they talked some last year because Karleigh was just sure she would be her teacher even before Kindergarten was over! 

We visited the school and took a tour one Sunday evening when Mrs. Srader and her husband were working so that Karleigh would not be overwhelmed in the new building (it's huge)!  Then, we went again on "meet and greet" night where these pictures were taken.  

The theme in Mrs. Srader's room is "The Frog Prince"...I think she likes frogs!  The kids all got to wear a crown on the first day, and that was just GREAT for Karleigh!

The first full week of school Karleigh has "come out of her shell" so to speak.  She has been in trouble for talking several times.  Mrs. Srader had to move her desk one day to get her attention.  Karleigh came home and told us each time she got in trouble so I guess it's good that she hasn't tried to hide it!  She told me that when Mrs. Srader moved her desk she told her "One more time Miss Karleigh and you won't get reward on Friday!" Now THAT scared her!  She's not been BAD, her teacher says she's a "good girl", but I like that Mrs. Srader expects  a lot from her!  She wants the kids to learn NOW what is expected from them, and with 23 kids in the room she can't have talkers!  Karleigh seems to really be learning quickly!  She is studying living and non living things in science, and reads so well!  I think she's in for a great year!  


Paw Paw Mike brought us two watermelons straight from the patch...
Kole says, "tank ooo Paw Paw"...."mmmmm"!

Karleigh shared her watermelon with her buddy Evan...

                                  They said "This is goooooooood!"

We all enjoyed the watermelon very much, and Mom just LOVED cleaning us all up!

Evan Obsession

                                I don't think Kole is having much fun!

                                                       Don't tell Jason!

                                            I'm loving the shoes Evan!

                                           What a pair!

Well, the end of summer is is starting, and we had to get in just a few more days with Evan.  Karleigh and Evan have been friends for as long as they have been alive.  They didn't know they were friends until a couple of years ago, but ever since they realized it they have been pretty much joined at the hip!  I should post past pics with Evan...that could be another entry.  Anyway, Kim and I joke all of the time about when the day comes that they can't lock themselves in a room together.  This summer Evan has learned that it's cute to tell everyone that he's going to marry Karleigh when they grow up.  He told his mom many times, but then on vacation he got quite a lot of attention (esp. from teenage girls) when he told about his love for Karleigh so he told EVERYONE that would listen. LOL!  Karleigh thinks Evan is pretty neat! She's always had a lot of boy friends at church, but I guess since Kim and I spend a lot of time together Evan has become one of the closest.  Jason made Evan mad this summer because he told him that before he could marry Karleigh he would have to ask him and his baseball bat (or something like that).  I think it hurt Evan's feelings that Jason would even think about coming after him with a bat... OH the things to come!  I think it's really funny to listen to Evan and Karleigh play.  Karleigh can get Evan to do things that he would NEVER do otherwise, and Evan keeps Karleigh's tomboy side from getting too dusty!  Some days they are inside playing house with the dolls and dress up clothes.  Other days they are knee deep in mud, sand, and rocks or climbing trees.  I think Kim has learned never to send Evan to my house expecting him to leave clean and dry...unless I wash his clothes while he's here!  She used to tell him he could come over if he didn't get muddy or more, we just change clothes now!  I know it's a mess when they get wet and nasty, but oh the memories they are making...and Evan always wants to stay longer!  Sometimes I think those two are kindred spirits...they were together the whole week of vacation and I don't remember one big fuss!  That's pretty rare for kids their age!  Anyway, these were some of the last days of summer before Evan started kindergarten and Karleigh started first grade...LOTS of fun!

5 months with Kaleb

This was Kaleb in March...Just a few months ago...
This is Kaleb time flies, and WOW, isn't God good!

He is a very healthy 16 pounds, and growing more every day! He is laughing out loud, smiling, watching every move his sissy and brother make, reaching for things, staring at his hands and feet, babbling, and, thanks to sissy, lifting his head (especially in the car seat). I am NOT ready for him to start rolling over, sitting up, eating baby food...all of those things that mean he's not a "baby" anymore!

I LOVE the baby stage...I know I'm crazy, but it's so sweet...especially now when he smiles every time I walk into view! It's just something to feel like you are so loved and needed by someone so innocent and precious! Of course Karleigh and Kole need me too, but they just don't need me when I want them to! LOL! I haven't started Kaleb on cereal yet because he's not acting like he needs or wants to eat anything else...I had such a time with Kole that I decided to wait until I'm sure Kaleb's ready! I can't believe this is the same litte man that was at Children's just a few short months ago...what a great God we serve!

See, he's got all the little rolls and dimples that make you want to pinch him...which we all do quite often (not hard of course). This little man has brought us such joy and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, I am such a bad blogger lately!  I am always so excited to do creative things like blog, scrapbook, decorate my house... it just never gets past the "thinking about it" stage!  I just STAY TIRED!  I was saying this to my friend Kim the other day and she said..."Jana, I don't know why you would be tired?  When is the last time you slept for 8 hours straight?...3 years?"  Yep!  I think that may be least 3 years since I really slept until I felt rested!  Not that it hasn't been worth it...just love my kiddos, but I would love to be a little more rested!  My mother in law says I'll sleep in 18 years!  (I hope it's a little sooner)
I was sitting out here on the porch watching the kids play and I thought that maybe I should use this time to blog a little!  It's pretty cool for an August day!  I bet it's probably 80 degrees, and it looks like it could rain.  Every once in awhile it thunders and a few sprinkles have fallen, but not anything enough to drive us indoors! 
 Kole is running around the yard in his pajama shirt and some little training pants (which have been wet since 2 minutes after he came outside).  He told me "poopie boody" when he got up from his nap, and he was actually telling me the truth! I guess that's a step in the right direction!  He's really young still, but he seems to like going to pee pee ...especially outside so why not!  If I set the timer and take him every 30 min. he stays pretty dry, but again...sometimes I don't get around to that!   He's just sooooo cute...his big blue eyes get him lots!!!  His vocabulary is expanding...sometimes it's a question of what language he's speaking though.  Milk is "mulch", juice is "ducey", "twain"is train, "aipwane" is airplane, and we've just figured out "dadoo" is blanket (where that comes from we have NO idea!)  
 Kaleb is sitting in the bouncy seat beside me watching his brother and sister play!  He's just started to notice his surroundings more!   He laughed out loud the other day...he's precious!  We have NOT mastered the sleeping all night yet!  I don't think he's done it once...well, maybe from 11-5 ONE TIME!  I am such an enabler!  LOL!  I let him nurse to sleep a lot because I'm tired and don't want to listen to crying... besides he's still in our room...where else could I put him?  He usually wakes up in the night and eats for 2 min. and is asleep...but sometimes it happens over and over and over...  LOL!  I am trying to keep him a baby for as long as I can!  He's already growing so fast!  I guess it will only get worse... Mama's baby's get away with everything!  Hopefully I won't be that bad!  I keep thinking when school starts we will have more of a schedule, but who am I will be even worse! LOL!
Karleigh is going back and forth between riding her bicycle, (with no training wheels) and coloring the porch like a rainbow with her chalk!  She's quite the little artist.  She loves to color, draw, and create things!  She colors the concrete with her sidewalk chalk, and then uses this little brush to brush the dust into a "rainbow mountain".  Of course Kole LOVES to come along and destroy her mountains!  She's really quite patient with her little brothers most of the time.  She loves to "mother" them.  This summer she's even changed Kole's diaper and gotten him dressed!  Such a big help!  I try to give her at least some of her own space and time each day because she has to share a lot, but some days it just isn't realistic.  She's excited about starting 1st grade!  Her teacher is Mrs. Srader, who goes to our church!  We've been so blessed to have 2 great christian teachers so far!  Mrs. Srader told us that the first day of school they are doing "The Frog Prince" and everyone gets to wear a crown!  That's right up Karleigh's alley!
Well, it's gettin to be supper time and  my "free time" has ended.  It's back to the real world...MY kids!   

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More about Kaleb...

Here we go again...I have not had time to sit and blog for weeks...imagine that! I did want to write some more and post some pictures about our time at Children's Hospital. Kaleb was born at 2:45 PM on March 19th, and about 10 PM he was aboard Angel 1 medflight on his way to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. I will say that I have never felt more helpless in my life than I did that night, and I hope I never feel that again! I was stuck in the labor and delivery room wondering, while all the "able bodied" people were able to watch what was happening from the nursery window. I have watched some video from that day, and I can't say that it would have made me feel better to watch what was being done because Kaleb was so pitiful. The nurses, doctor, and respiratory therapist worked with Kaleb and did tests and x rays for quite a while and I would occasionally hear that there was a 50% or 60% chance of him going to Children's, but when the final word came I was just so sad. I had never had a baby and not been able to hold it, feed it, comfort it, and be able to give it everything it needed to survive. It was strange to carry this little baby every second for 9 months and then have him taken from me without even a kiss.

Of course my hormones were on overtime so tears fell from my eyes constantly whether I wanted them to or not. I tried to be strong and not just fall apart, but really I just wanted to throw a big huge 6 year old Karleigh fit! LOL! I wanted to tell them that they would NOT take my baby and put him in a huge, loud, dangerous,...machine and take him away from me...over my dead body! BUT I didn't! I knew that Children's was where he should be, and that they were wonderful, and that I could do NOTHING while they could do EVERYTHING he needed at that point, but oh that was so hard! Two nurses, Beverly, and a really sweet Tech nurse, came and cleaned me up (like a baby) and lifted me from the bed into a wheel chair. I was wheeled to the nursery where I could touch Kaleb's little foot and tell him goodbye. I couldn't stand or even reach his bed. Again, everything in me wanted to stand up and grab him in my arms. Word came that the helicopter had landed, and everyone had to leave so that the medical team could evaluate Kaleb for the flight. I was wheeled to a room where I could see the huge blades of Angel One from my wasn't something I wanted to see at that time though. I tried to turn the other way and pretend that my baby was on his way to my room. Jason came in and one look at him told me that I better get it together! He was a mess! He had watched it all, and heard everything they were saying about Kaleb, and he was about to fall apart! This really made me worry because there was only one other time in our lives together that I have seen him like mom's funeral. We waited and talked with the people who were in our room...I can't even remember who it was. Finally, the team wheeled Kaleb's little isolet into the room so we could say goodbye. He was so pitiful...tubes were everywhere, and he looked so fragile! A couple of minutes were all we had and they rushed our baby away. The room felt so empty, so quiet, so WRONG! I thought of my friend Kim, and wondered how she could stand to sit in the hospital room after knowing that she would never have the hope of watching her baby get better. How did she stay sane when they took that precious little girl from her arms for the last time? It was then that I started trying to be grateful. I kept telling Jason as he was preparing to leave for Little Rock that we would be OK. I knew we would get through this horrible time, and Kaleb would be home with us eventually! We would have some really tough days and nights, and think that it would never end, but it would! I knew we were about to learn a lot of things from this experience! I also felt the prayers of everyone who loved us. There is no way I could have been able to get through that night without them because I couldn't pray myself. I can say I know the peace that passes all understanding because as Jason left I really didn't know how I was not begging him to take me with him...but I didn't. I KNOW it was God!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

March 19th

I have wanted to be able to have time to sit down and blog since the night Kaleb was born, but there is always a choice to be made between sleep and blogging... I guess you can guess what has won out! On March 18th we went to the doctor and my blood pressure was OK, but it had been up for several days before that. I had been on bed rest since Monday (if you can call it bed rest when you have 2 kids to take care of). I had so much help from family and friends, but it's hard to totally relax and let someone else take over your job as Mom. My doctor decided (after consulting with other doctors and thinking about it for awhile) to send us to the hospital and induce labor at 36 weeks and 4 days. My good friend Kim lost her little girl to an abruption at 36 weeks, and she had the same problems with her blood pressure going up and down. My doctor was also Kim's doctor and I felt that she knew what was best so we went home...after running some errands, and got to the hospital around 4:30. The nurses got my IV started (and Trudy did such a GREAT job!), my blood pressure was around 114 over 73, and I was so relaxed so they didn't have to start me on any Magnesium (which is AWFUL stuff). They gave me a Cervadil to start thinning my cervix and a sleeping pill to help me rest...and rest I did! The next morning the Pitosin was started to get my labor going, and I was cramping some when DR Henderson got there to break my water. I was only dilated to 2. About 9 or so I was hurting to the point that I was having to breathe through contractions, not too bad, but I was feeling it. The nurse came in and offered to ask for my epidural, and I said "sure, why not!" I got my epidural, and let me just say that I was GOOD! I slept until I started pushing. I felt like they had given me another sleeping pill, but I think it was just that for the first time in a long time I felt like I could relax and just sleep! (I think I would have another baby just to get that few hours of total RELAXING SLEEP again. It was WONDERFUL!) My epidural was pretty strong because when the nurses came in to get me to start pushing they had to hold my legs in the stirrups...I kept thinking "whose legs are those?" I couldn't feel a thing! From the time I had my epidural to the time I had Kaleb I went pretty fast I think. They put a monitor on Kaleb's head and I do remember sometimes waking up and wondering why his heartbeat kept slowing down. Apparently, they were concerned because they had me start pushing at 8 and I went to 10 pretty fast. DR Henderson got there and suited up in 4 minutes, and I pushed constantly for the next few minutes, even when I wasn't having contractions...they just kept saying "let's get him out". I just remember wishing that someone would come help me by holding my shoulders up. I was so exhausted I felt like I was riding a bicycle up a HUGE hill. I could just see a big glass of ice water and I wanted it "right now". I kept looking at Jason and Kim and wishing I could get their attention to help me, but apparently the "show" was too good to pay attention to me. They were totally absorbed in the excitement and the nurses couldn't leave my legs for fear I'd fall off the bed! I'm sure it would have been hillarious if it hadn't been so urgent. When Kaleb was finally born I heard a nurse say the cord was around his neck...I couldn't hear a lot b/c I just kept waiting to hear my baby cry... It seemed like forever, but finally he did start crying. It was a screeching cry...unlike an of my other babies...and he was BLUE. They worked on him for a few minutes, and then handed him to me for about 2 minutes. Jason wanted to get a picture of the DR with Kaleb so he took him and handed him to her, and that was the last time I held my baby for many days!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still alive...

Well, I am still alive! Don't know for how much longer, but right now I am making it! I am now 33 weeks along and the countdown has started. I'm not sure what week I'm counting down to, but I have decided it will NOT be 40!!! Some days there are so many contractions I can't keep I just try to stay in the recliner or in bed when I can. It's really hard to do that when you have a 16 month old who is into everything, and a 5 year old who all of the sudden can do nothing for herself! After 36 weeks no more taking it easy!
Kole had his tubes put in on Friday the 13th...I know...but it was either that day or wait a month...which by the way would have been Friday the 13th too! He did really well, and all of the nurses fought over him because he was so giggly...esp. after the sleepy meds. NO ONE fought over him when he was coming out of surgery though...he was MAD at the world. We had to fight him to keep him from hurting himself for 45 minutes. The whole time the nurses were saying "Momma you don't need to be wrestling him...let Daddy do it." News flash! I've been wrestling him all night for months, and that's why we are here! (don't know why I have so many contractions LOL!) He finally gave up and went to sleep so they let us go home...and he was GREAT for a week. Then this week started (actually it started Sat. night) fever of 103 and whiney...eyes watering, nose running, not eating, coughing, and cutting about 5 teeth! I haven't taken him back to the DR because I think it's probably just teething and allergies, but NOW Karleigh is coughing and complaining of her ear I am thinking we'll be back in the DR's office sooner than later! What's wrong with my children? LOL!
On top of all of's officially BASEBALL SEASON! The first game was last night which they won...thank goodness! There's another game tonight against Hector and then one more this week...don't know when b/c I am not special enough to receive a schedule...but so it goes until May! The team is going on it's annual trip to Harrison the first weekend in or no baby! That is the weekend you will probably hear me screaming all the way from Russellville! (Yes, I have been dreading that weekend for 9 months now!) I know, I know, I will get through it, and I will live to laugh about it...BUT I DONT WANT TO! OK, I'll stop now! I think I feel a contraction coming on LOL!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sandbox

Looks like so much fun! Just thought I'd post some pictures of the gift that just keeps on giving! My dad and Ben built the sandbox for Karleigh on her 4th birthday, and she has played in it with so many friends, and now Kole! When it is nice outside they disappear outside in the backyard and I usually don't see them until it's dark! Kole loves driving his tractors and trucks through the sand, and could dig for hours.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holes in your bluejeans, storage bulilding, and such...

Well, it has been a long week...we are so tired around here, and ready for all the little projects to be done! (of course I know they are never all really done) Kole has been up 3 or 4 times every night with his ears again, and Karleigh had one really bad night this week. Jason is working late with his baseball team every night because the first game is coming up Feb. 25. Every weekend lately has been full of projects. We finished the garage room and started a foundation for the storage shed in the backyard (well, not we, Jason). This weekend my dad came up to assemble the shed. They got started about 10AM on Saturday morning, and at 10:30 PM they finally quit ( I think they were exhausted). Dad slept on the couch and Catherine, who was tagging along, slept out in the garage room on the new futon. This morning we were up by 7:30 the kids and I went to church while Dad and Jason finished the shed with 10 million little screws! It looks really good if I do say so myself...all I did was hold a few pieces of metal in the crazy wind while the men screwed it to the frame! I guess thanks go out to everyone who helped this project come to an end! (Brother Bud, Dad, Jason, and neighbor Tony who helped carry the 400 pound box to the back yard the day the "free shipping to your house" truck decided they couldn't get down our road and delivered it to Dover instead!) I also should say thanks to Jeff, my brother in law because he volunteered to come and help with the shed, but when my sister came down with the flu this weekend he stayed and let her get some rest...and that's where he should have been! (get well soon Diana!)

I also wanted to add that I avoided buying new jeans for Karleigh this week by doing something that really reminded me of something my mom would have done. Karleigh has been coming home from school with holes in the knees of all of her jeans...I have NO idea what's going on...but I was thinking I would have to break down and buy new jeans here at the end of winter. Well, I had a brain storm. I went to Wal Mart and bought iron on patches ( I never took home ec to learn to sew) and I also bought some cute colorful material and some little buttons. I came up with some jeans that Karleigh absolutely LOVES!!! I know one day she'll look back and think I mistreated her by making her wear them, but right now she thinks they are cool stuff! Now, she wants all of her jeans patched this way. I was pretty proud of myself...let's just see if it all stays together through all of her crazy playing!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel Blessed today!

For some reason today I have been reflecting on all of the things in my life that I have been blessed with. Too many times I feel like I don't stop in the craziness of things to say "thank you"! I THINK about how much I appreciate certain people or things, but I don't say it! First of all I am blessed with a wonderful husband who tries so hard to make me happy (as long as it doesn't involve rubbing my achy back LOL!). He has embarked on several projects around the house lately that are not his cup of tea, but he knows they need to be done...and he's done a pretty good job! He hired help to enclose our garage...which the kids LOVE! It looks pretty good, and gives the kids a place to run around and play even when they can't get outside.

(the garage room before it was finished)

He also helped me haul and put together a futon for that room...we worked together without even fighting, and only one screw has come loose since putting it together! (It's a miracle!) He did most all of the painting in our house since summer by himself, and it looks really good! AND, he's working on building a foundation for a shed in the backyard to put all of the "stuff" from the garage in. I have to say that the foundation is looking really good, and I am so proud of him for trying it on his own!

(Our SS teacher Bud Avants helping Jason on the foundation)

My dad is coming down next weekend to help put together the shed...and I think my brother in law too! (even more to be thankful for) Now, I know that all of those things seem little, but this is the AWESOME part...even with me not working, we managed to do all of those things without borrowing a cent! I know we can't take the credit for that...God has helped provide in so many ways! I am amazed!!! My house may not be a mansion, and yes, one day I would LOVE to have a place a little out of town with a little more room to move around, but this is HOME and I have so many good memories here! Little by little God is teaching me to be content with what I have. Believe me, I do have days that I want to throw everything to the curb...PILES of junk accumulate everywhere in this little house...but all in all WE ARE BLESSED!!! OH, and God also gave me a brand new kitchen this summer! It was a pain for awhile, but now it is so much nicer! We had a water leak which resulted in mold and damage to the floor and cabinets so the insurance company paid for new cabinets, flooring, and my mother in law even gave us a new dishwasher! Jason did a lot of work on all of that too! I also have 2 really good kids...who are, besides ear infections, and colds, healthy and happy! Oh yeah, I forget...and one on the way!
(Baby boy due April 13, 2009)

God is teaching me (slowly , He thinks) that he is giving me more than I ever dreamed of in my family! I miss my mom so much sometimes, and my sister is leaving for Ireland soon. I wonder why I feel like I'm so alone at times, but then God tells me! He wants me to learn to lean on HIM, and Jason, and my children. We are a family, and we need to learn to enjoy each other and become so close that no one or nothing can come between us! It's in those lonely and tough times that I think I realize just how He wants to bless me even more! I am His child and just as I want to give my children good things, He wants that EVEN MORE for me! I can't even wrap my brain around it sometimes! Anyway, Thank YOU God, and Thank YOU Jason...I love you and don't say it enough!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random things about me

I did this for facebook and figured since it took me so long I would post it on my blog too...

1. I am the oldest of 4 children.
2. I taught school for 6 favorite was the year I taught Kindergarten though I went home almost everyday with a broken heart for some of them.
3. I ALWAYS wanted to be a stay at home husband is the greatest for letting me stay home with my kids!
4. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in 6th grade, and she lived with it for about 17 years! She died almost 4 weeks before her first grandchild (Karleigh) was born. (I miss her EVERYDAY!)
5. I LOVE to take pictures, wish I had more time to do it, and wish I could learn more about Photoshop!
6. I HATE scary movies or television shows, especially those about real life husband LOVES them! (and loves to watch them right before we go to sleep).
7. My husband and I are COMPLETE OPPOSITES!
8. I LOVE babies...especially mine...I think if I had started sooner (and married a millionaire LOL!) I could be Michelle Duggar! (just kidding!)
9. I can tell a lot about people just by watching them or being around them for a short time...sometimes it can be a really BAD thing!
10. I can't stand it when people don't follow the rules...especially when they seem to get away with it. (I know we studied about this in Bible study several times...I just can't seem to get past it) LOL!
11. I am an extreemly LIGHT sleeper, and I need a lot of sleep...bad combination!
12. I have had high blood pressure since High School...they've always told me I don't know how to deal with stress...hmmm.
13. I have to remove myself from some things even if I don't want to because I know I will get too involved. Especially when it has to do with my kids. (which leads to #12) And yes, I am working on it...or should I say the Lord is working on me! LOL!
14. I love to do things for other people to surprise them or help them out...especially when they don't expect it, but I often do more for other people than my own husband and kids...I really have good intentions!
15. The thing I miss most being a stay at home mom is talking to grown ups! (which probably aids in some of my other hang ups...LOL!)
16. I hate clutter, but it follows me EVERYWHERE!
17. I worked the graveyard shift at a factory one summer when I was in incentive ever to get good grades! (I made the Dean's list the next semester)
18. I miss the scrapbook store so was my place to get away, and I haven't scrapbooked much since it closed... I really loved to scrapbook!
19. I have one daughter, Karleigh who is 5 1/2, a son Kole who is almost 16 months, and one son on the way (we really can't agree on his name contrary to some people's belief that we're just keeping it a secret). I also had a miscarriage in 2005 and I can't wait to meet that little one someday in heaven!
20. I really want to be one of those organized moms who have it all together...they are truly super women!*
(this is really hard, but I have to put 25 things b/c that's the rules LOL!)
21. I have a fear of choking...I wake up from dreams of choking a lot. When I was teaching I always dreamed of swallowing a paperclip.
22. Right now, I feel very lazy...I'm ready to have some energy again...I think I was beginning to get to that point when Kole was does that mean it will be at least 4 more years? I have good intentions of getting things done every day, but they just don't get done! (#20)* Has this become a confession list?
23. I was just an average student in school, and that always bothered me.
24. I was not allowed to go to the movies without my parents (and then only to Disney movies) when I was growing up.
25. I LOVE to read!
***THAT was HARD!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know you are just sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how our latest visit to the clinic went. LOL! Well, Kole's ears are still infected which means another antibiotic and a trip to the ENT in February. Karleigh has sinus drainage...guess it's a sinus infection...she never really said, but she put her on an antibiotic too and said to keep giving her cough medicine. So, my prescription bill was only $70.00 this time. I think the DR is tired of seeing us! (but not as tired as I am of seeing her)

Monday, January 19, 2009

I will own the clinic...and the the end of the year!

Well, I never did finish my Christmas post so that you could hear of all the rest of the sicknesses that we endured over the holidays. ( I know you can't wait!) Now, we have even more to add! Christmas day Kole threw the back seat of the truck on the way to Fayetteville. It was everywhere and we had to stop on the side of the interstate...very unsafe I clean it up the best we could. Thankfully one of Jason's stocking gifts had been a new air freshener for the truck, and I had brought a whole container of wet wipes!
(Christmas night...right before I got sick)
(Kole drinking Powerade on Christmas day)
Christmas night was MY turn! I was so sick I couldn't leave my MIL's bathroom all night.(of course it had to happen when I wasn't in my own house) The next day I got some medicine called in to rub on my wrist so that I could make the trip home, and when I got there I was in bed for 2 days...NO ENERGY! On Monday I could have stayed in bed all day again, but we had another Christmas with Jason's cousins and my Grandmother and Aunt.
(Karleigh and her cousins Gage, Kade, and Zane)
(Karleigh, Kole, and my Granny)
We had a good time, but were just wiped out! Tuesday night Kole was up ALL night screaming...back to the DR! He had double ear infections so they gave him a shot and an antibiotic. We went to Petti Jean on Thursday to do the McGhehey family Christmas, and Thursday night Kole did not sleep...neither did I...I mean we watched the sun come up! I was so tired...and again not at home! I was so sore from holding a 22 pound one year old on my big pregnant belly all night! I needed a massage! LOL!
Jackson, Catherine, Kole, Karleigh, Hannah, Cael, and missing are Olivia (who was sick) and Hudson (who was filling his belly)
Anyway, we got home and finished our antibiotic...still not well so we went BACK TO THE CLINIC! This time we spent $121 on just the antibiotic! If this doesn't work we will be going to the ENT for tubes...even though this is the first bad ear infection he's had. UGH!!! In the last 2 weeks Jason and I have both had bronchitis and had to be on a zpack...which is not cheap either...I am SCARED to look at my bill from the clinic! Maybe one of these days our deductable will be met and we will get to pay the 20%! As of this morning BOTH of my children have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:45. Karleigh's teacher said that she has had a DEEP chest cough all morning...which she had all night last night too despite the prescription cough meds, inhaler, and hot tea with honey we gave her. Kole is just NOT HAPPY... of course he is cutting about 5 or 6 teeth at a time right now, but he keeps poking his finger in his ears so...might as well kill 2 birds with one stone... Oh yeah, and all of this doesn't include the OB appointments that I've had (3 since Christmas for some reason) and the Chiropractor for me and Kole! I knew I should have chosen a different profession...oh wait I wouldn't be doing it anyway b/c I chose to stay home! LOL! Anyway, I am griping, but despite all of it I know that I am truly BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and I don't say that enough! We are not begging or going hungry for sure, and my kids are sick, but not bad sick like some are! We will get through this, and warmer weather is on the way Praise the Lord for that!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old times...just for you Kaye!

I was looking for some old pictures to post on Facebook when I came across these pictures from JR High! I think it was maybe 8th grade? Kaye, I thought your girls would get a kick out of these!
Isn't this Mr. Miller's class...we learned so much in there (all those word searches...I'm still really good at that even now)...and Mrs. Potter's class (french braiding and friendship bracelets)! Really all we did that year was those black "Basic Skills" folders! Check out the shoulder pads in my t-shirt! LOL!
If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this when you were "going with" Bryan Jarrett? Is there a girl in our school that did not "go with him"? That's so funny! It looks like he's begging...maybe I should tag this photo on his Facebook page...he's a BIG TIME preacher in TX now!

Ok, this picture is the "tame" one...I also have one where Jammie is mooning the camera in the little void. Do you know where Jammie and Cheris are now? I have heard from Nyika lately, but not a lot!

So, what did we do for fun when we were in Jr High? We went camping in someone's back yard! OH we thought we were something! Jam shorts, sweats and t-shirts...some wardrobe!
And and Tracie Brawner in front of ...I don't even know what 's going on back there... LOL! Where is she now? It's really funny to look back at these...hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't keep up!

WELL, it's been a LONG TIME since I've posted anything. I think about it all of the time, but then I decide to do something else that needs to be done... That seems to be the way it goes for me! I am all of the time coming up with fun creative ideas to "destress" or "unwind"...blogging included...but it never works out the way it does in my head! Why is that? I think the last 2 weeks have been a more like a tornado!
It went by so fast and furious I forgot to enjoy it I think! We started out with taking pictures for our Christmas card. I got my friend Kim to meet us on Saturday to try to retake pictures that didn't turn out from the Sunday before. We got some good ones, but Kole was a mess! I got home, edited pictures, and sent our card to WalMart ordering 30 cards...Jason went to pick them up and I MISSPELLED KARLEIGH'S NAME on all of them! (YEAH MOM!) So, I tried to re do the order only to find that WalMart wasn't taking 1 HR orders over the computer...had to go TO WM...which I avoid at all costs this time of year...esp on SATURDAY. Anyway, we ended up ordering some from Walgreens which I didn't like as well b/c they are glossy!
Monday we took Karleigh for her annual Christmas week DR appointment...she always starts coughing this time of year. She had double ear infections and chest congestion...they put her on an inhaler, cough meds, and an antibiotic.
Tuesday was the day of cram everything into this day that you possibly can... Jason and I were crazy enough to get married on the 23rd of our anniversary always falls right in the middle of CHAOS! I got up on that morning and took Karleigh to Walmart to finish printing some pictures for gifts, and to let her pick out a few things for her friend. Then we headed to Kim and Evan's to make cookies...a tradition we started last year! We made so many cookies that we couldn't possible decorate them all, and Evan and Karleigh tired out long before the decorating was finished. We left there and come home for naptime so that we could take the kids to Karleigh's teacher's house for the evening so Jason and I could go to eat and to a movie...something we do maybe once a year! We started out the door and Kole had a BLOW OUT diaper and we had to completly change him. We dropped the kids off and had 45 min. to eat and get to a we parked at Italian Gardens I looked down at my feet only to discover that I still had Kole's diaper bag...which they would greatly need if he had another BLOW OUT! (he did) SO, we ate, took the diaper bag back up the hill, went to WalMart, and Hastings...then drove thru Starbucks to end the night! I was exhausted by the time we picked the kids up and got them to bed at 11! We didn't even watch the movie until 6 days later! The fun only kept going, but I will save Christmas for later since you are probably exhausted just reading this!