Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Grade

Well my little girl is officially a big 6 year old first grader! She was so excited for a week before school started because she found out that her teacher would be Mrs. Srader.  She knows her from church and I think they talked some last year because Karleigh was just sure she would be her teacher even before Kindergarten was over! 

We visited the school and took a tour one Sunday evening when Mrs. Srader and her husband were working so that Karleigh would not be overwhelmed in the new building (it's huge)!  Then, we went again on "meet and greet" night where these pictures were taken.  

The theme in Mrs. Srader's room is "The Frog Prince"...I think she likes frogs!  The kids all got to wear a crown on the first day, and that was just GREAT for Karleigh!

The first full week of school Karleigh has "come out of her shell" so to speak.  She has been in trouble for talking several times.  Mrs. Srader had to move her desk one day to get her attention.  Karleigh came home and told us each time she got in trouble so I guess it's good that she hasn't tried to hide it!  She told me that when Mrs. Srader moved her desk she told her "One more time Miss Karleigh and you won't get reward on Friday!" Now THAT scared her!  She's not been BAD, her teacher says she's a "good girl", but I like that Mrs. Srader expects  a lot from her!  She wants the kids to learn NOW what is expected from them, and with 23 kids in the room she can't have talkers!  Karleigh seems to really be learning quickly!  She is studying living and non living things in science, and reads so well!  I think she's in for a great year!  

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Ben and Bethany said...

tell Karleigh she can share her flip flops with me and I won't be mad ;)

She is too cute - I'm not even going to think about her being a big 6 year old first grader!