Sunday, August 30, 2009

Evan Obsession

                                I don't think Kole is having much fun!

                                                       Don't tell Jason!

                                            I'm loving the shoes Evan!

                                           What a pair!

Well, the end of summer is is starting, and we had to get in just a few more days with Evan.  Karleigh and Evan have been friends for as long as they have been alive.  They didn't know they were friends until a couple of years ago, but ever since they realized it they have been pretty much joined at the hip!  I should post past pics with Evan...that could be another entry.  Anyway, Kim and I joke all of the time about when the day comes that they can't lock themselves in a room together.  This summer Evan has learned that it's cute to tell everyone that he's going to marry Karleigh when they grow up.  He told his mom many times, but then on vacation he got quite a lot of attention (esp. from teenage girls) when he told about his love for Karleigh so he told EVERYONE that would listen. LOL!  Karleigh thinks Evan is pretty neat! She's always had a lot of boy friends at church, but I guess since Kim and I spend a lot of time together Evan has become one of the closest.  Jason made Evan mad this summer because he told him that before he could marry Karleigh he would have to ask him and his baseball bat (or something like that).  I think it hurt Evan's feelings that Jason would even think about coming after him with a bat... OH the things to come!  I think it's really funny to listen to Evan and Karleigh play.  Karleigh can get Evan to do things that he would NEVER do otherwise, and Evan keeps Karleigh's tomboy side from getting too dusty!  Some days they are inside playing house with the dolls and dress up clothes.  Other days they are knee deep in mud, sand, and rocks or climbing trees.  I think Kim has learned never to send Evan to my house expecting him to leave clean and dry...unless I wash his clothes while he's here!  She used to tell him he could come over if he didn't get muddy or more, we just change clothes now!  I know it's a mess when they get wet and nasty, but oh the memories they are making...and Evan always wants to stay longer!  Sometimes I think those two are kindred spirits...they were together the whole week of vacation and I don't remember one big fuss!  That's pretty rare for kids their age!  Anyway, these were some of the last days of summer before Evan started kindergarten and Karleigh started first grade...LOTS of fun!

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