Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last week I got a chance to take some pictures for a family from my church and they actually paid me. I can't believe I got paid for something that I love to do so much. I still have a lot of trouble believing that what I do is good enough to get paid for. I got really nervous and sick to my stomach the day that I was taking the pictures, but it all went really well! I think my favorite part is coming home and looking at the pics, and editing them to have a certain look. I am still learning photoshop...I need to take a class...but I love to use what I know so far! This family had wonderful places to take pictures...there was a pond, HUGE trees, a gravel road, and of course their new house... As I was editing the pictures I thought of so many other poses I could have used, and things I wish I had done, but all in all it was a good first. (I have been paid to take a child's pictures before, but not a WHOLE family!) The best part of it all is that a friend of this family saw the pictures and asked me to take their pictures too... More nerves, but it could also be a way for me to make a little money once in awhile!'s a few of the pics!

Monday, June 23, 2008


We just got home from 5 days in Branson MO. Branson is a 2-3 hour drive...depending on whether or not you get behind a big truck (or Grandpa Jones out looking for turtles) on HWY 7. We went with Matt, Kim, Evan, and Seth Moore. Kim and I have been friends for about 16 years, and Karleigh and Evan are best buds...most of the time! We stayed at Point Royale resort which was a little like a retirement community with some houses and condos on a big golf course. It was quiet and had really nice pools for the kids. Our condo was 3 bedrooms...Matt and Evan had the first bedroom, Kim and Seth took the upstairs loft, and Jason, Karleigh, Kole, and me took the third bedroom (which was huge). On Sunday we went to Lambert's in Ozark for lunch...we had to wait for over an hour, but it was some GOOD food! Then, we drove on to Springfield to the Bass Pro Shop for the rest of the day...just as we were getting ready to leave it came a MONSTER hail storm so we watched our vehicles getting pummeled through the huge glass boat showroom windows. Monday we had tickets to Silver Dollar City (thanks to Jason's Coke reward website)...and we had a full day at the city... Kareligh actually rode rides! (The Flying Elephants, The Lost River Ride, The Sunken Mine, The Teacups, The hot air balloons, and Fire in the Hole...which she didn't like) Evan fell asleep on the way out of the park, and didn't wake up till morning...not Karleigh...she and her daddy went swimming when we got back to the condo! Tuesday was a trip to the Fish Hatchery, fishing with the dads, and swimming! Wednesday went shopping at The Landing, ate a Famous Dave's BBQ, and yes, we went swimming again! The last morning we had to be out of the condo by 10:30...and yes, the cleaning lady showed up before we could get out...hahahahaha... We finished the vacation off with a trip to the outlet malls...where I spent a lot of money at Gymboree (CUTE CLOTHES), Karleigh got her first pair of real NIKE shoes, and even Kole got a few outfits! Panera was the last stop for lunch...OH I COULD EAT THERE EVERY DAY!!!! Wish we hadn't waited week to eat there! All in all, we had a great time, and made lots of memories with the kids...which is the important part! Now, lets see if I get any of this scrapbooked!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Babies

Kole was dedicated on Sunday... we kept having to reschedule it over and over so we finally just said WE'RE DOING IT THIS SUNDAY! no matter what! There were 7 babies scheduled to be dedicated and ...selfish me... I was so disappointed! I wanted it to be special for him...and us of course! Karleigh's dedication was so precious, and I have it all documented in her scrapbook down to the sweet prayer that Pastor Moore prayed for her. When your baby is one of 7 it can't be very personal! Well, I stuck to my guns and kept the date, and a lady from the church called and asked if we wanted to have Kole dedicated in the first service (which is the one we always go to). WOW, of course we did! He was the only one, and the pastor held him and prayed for was really sweet! I didn't think we'd have any family come, but Dad got off and he, Glennis, and the girls were here. Diana was out of town, but Jeff brought the kids and came too. Our neighbors even showed up. It was a special day that I will always remember!


Today I came across some old pictures and started a trip down memory lane...I created a slideshow for myspace and facebook b/c I want other people to remember too...When someone dies we think that we will NEVER forget them. It's easy to look at pictures and remember the moments or browse through old letters and remember advice given, but what about the everyday stuff? How could we forget their smell, their touch, their hugs, the sound of their voice...but we do! Pictures and video have come a long way, but will they ever be able to bring us back to those things? THAT'S what I miss most... I guess it's what makes us long for Heaven...won't that be a wonderful day! Five years seems like yesterday, yet it seems forever ago... I miss her...want her here sooooo badly...but know that she wouldn't come back for anything...not even the babies...WOW it must be amazing there! I still love you Mom!