Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today I came across some old pictures and started a trip down memory lane...I created a slideshow for myspace and facebook b/c I want other people to remember too...When someone dies we think that we will NEVER forget them. It's easy to look at pictures and remember the moments or browse through old letters and remember advice given, but what about the everyday stuff? How could we forget their smell, their touch, their hugs, the sound of their voice...but we do! Pictures and video have come a long way, but will they ever be able to bring us back to those things? THAT'S what I miss most... I guess it's what makes us long for Heaven...won't that be a wonderful day! Five years seems like yesterday, yet it seems forever ago... I miss her...want her here sooooo badly...but know that she wouldn't come back for anything...not even the babies...WOW it must be amazing there! I still love you Mom!

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