Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Babies

Kole was dedicated on Sunday... we kept having to reschedule it over and over so we finally just said WE'RE DOING IT THIS SUNDAY! no matter what! There were 7 babies scheduled to be dedicated and ...selfish me... I was so disappointed! I wanted it to be special for him...and us of course! Karleigh's dedication was so precious, and I have it all documented in her scrapbook down to the sweet prayer that Pastor Moore prayed for her. When your baby is one of 7 it can't be very personal! Well, I stuck to my guns and kept the date, and a lady from the church called and asked if we wanted to have Kole dedicated in the first service (which is the one we always go to). WOW, of course we did! He was the only one, and the pastor held him and prayed for was really sweet! I didn't think we'd have any family come, but Dad got off and he, Glennis, and the girls were here. Diana was out of town, but Jeff brought the kids and came too. Our neighbors even showed up. It was a special day that I will always remember!

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ButlerFamily said...

I'm proud! You updated your blog and such a special post!