Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still alive...

Well, I am still alive! Don't know for how much longer, but right now I am making it! I am now 33 weeks along and the countdown has started. I'm not sure what week I'm counting down to, but I have decided it will NOT be 40!!! Some days there are so many contractions I can't keep count...so I just try to stay in the recliner or in bed when I can. It's really hard to do that when you have a 16 month old who is into everything, and a 5 year old who all of the sudden can do nothing for herself! After 36 weeks no more taking it easy!
Kole had his tubes put in on Friday the 13th...I know...but it was either that day or wait a month...which by the way would have been Friday the 13th too! He did really well, and all of the nurses fought over him because he was so giggly...esp. after the sleepy meds. NO ONE fought over him when he was coming out of surgery though...he was MAD at the world. We had to fight him to keep him from hurting himself for 45 minutes. The whole time the nurses were saying "Momma you don't need to be wrestling him...let Daddy do it." News flash! I've been wrestling him all night for months, and that's why we are here! (don't know why I have so many contractions LOL!) He finally gave up and went to sleep so they let us go home...and he was GREAT for a week. Then this week started (actually it started Sat. night) fever of 103 and whiney...eyes watering, nose running, not eating, coughing, and cutting about 5 teeth! I haven't taken him back to the DR because I think it's probably just teething and allergies, but NOW Karleigh is coughing and complaining of her ear hurting...so I am thinking we'll be back in the DR's office sooner than later! What's wrong with my children? LOL!
On top of all of that...it's officially BASEBALL SEASON! The first game was last night which they won...thank goodness! There's another game tonight against Hector and then one more this week...don't know when b/c I am not special enough to receive a schedule...but so it goes until May! The team is going on it's annual trip to Harrison the first weekend in April...baby or no baby! That is the weekend you will probably hear me screaming all the way from Russellville! (Yes, I have been dreading that weekend for 9 months now!) I know, I know, I will get through it, and I will live to laugh about it...BUT I DONT WANT TO! OK, I'll stop now! I think I feel a contraction coming on LOL!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sandbox

Looks like so much fun! Just thought I'd post some pictures of the gift that just keeps on giving! My dad and Ben built the sandbox for Karleigh on her 4th birthday, and she has played in it with so many friends, and now Kole! When it is nice outside they disappear outside in the backyard and I usually don't see them until it's dark! Kole loves driving his tractors and trucks through the sand, and could dig for hours.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holes in your bluejeans, storage bulilding, and such...

Well, it has been a long week...we are so tired around here, and ready for all the little projects to be done! (of course I know they are never all really done) Kole has been up 3 or 4 times every night with his ears again, and Karleigh had one really bad night this week. Jason is working late with his baseball team every night because the first game is coming up Feb. 25. Every weekend lately has been full of projects. We finished the garage room and started a foundation for the storage shed in the backyard (well, not we, Jason). This weekend my dad came up to assemble the shed. They got started about 10AM on Saturday morning, and at 10:30 PM they finally quit ( I think they were exhausted). Dad slept on the couch and Catherine, who was tagging along, slept out in the garage room on the new futon. This morning we were up by 7:30 the kids and I went to church while Dad and Jason finished the shed with 10 million little screws! It looks really good if I do say so myself...all I did was hold a few pieces of metal in the crazy wind while the men screwed it to the frame! I guess thanks go out to everyone who helped this project come to an end! (Brother Bud, Dad, Jason, and neighbor Tony who helped carry the 400 pound box to the back yard the day the "free shipping to your house" truck decided they couldn't get down our road and delivered it to Dover instead!) I also should say thanks to Jeff, my brother in law because he volunteered to come and help with the shed, but when my sister came down with the flu this weekend he stayed and let her get some rest...and that's where he should have been! (get well soon Diana!)

I also wanted to add that I avoided buying new jeans for Karleigh this week by doing something that really reminded me of something my mom would have done. Karleigh has been coming home from school with holes in the knees of all of her jeans...I have NO idea what's going on...but I was thinking I would have to break down and buy new jeans here at the end of winter. Well, I had a brain storm. I went to Wal Mart and bought iron on patches ( I never took home ec to learn to sew) and I also bought some cute colorful material and some little buttons. I came up with some jeans that Karleigh absolutely LOVES!!! I know one day she'll look back and think I mistreated her by making her wear them, but right now she thinks they are cool stuff! Now, she wants all of her jeans patched this way. I was pretty proud of myself...let's just see if it all stays together through all of her crazy playing!