Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ten weeks & Counting...

Well, I am...STILL SICK!!! UGH... I am thinking this has been the longest 10 weeks of my life, but I know it was worse with Karleigh! HOPEFULLY, this will be better about 13 or 14 weeks...it was the first time! My sister told me that with her second child she was nauseous the WHOLE TIME!!!! WHAT A LOVELY THOUGHT! I think I will go crazy if that happens! I really want to be able to enjoy life again! Right now I am eating, sitting around, and sleeping...that's about it...OH, and GAINING weight!!!! I can't wait to feel good enough to go for a walk, and eat food that I cook! My greatest wish is to be able to drink until I'm not thirsty without it giving me indigestion or making me gag! I'm SO THIRSTY!!! Now, I can eat pretty much anything...I just can't cook it, smell it, or think about it for very long before I eat it...which means "take out"! Jason calls and says "What do you want?" and I say "Don't ask, just bring me something!" and as soon as he gets it here I cram it down my throat before I can smell it....hahahaha! It's good while I'm eating it, but 2 min. later I'm sick again!!!! HOW FUN! I know that my posts lately are pretty boring...such is life here! Karleigh is my little helper, and today I did take some pictures of her today...I haven't taken many lately...she was doing what she does every day...watching Noggin & helping me clean up! She is such a big girl! What did I do before she came along? hahaha

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Well, I haven't been on the computer in a while...still sick...I have a few minutes by myself tonight so I thought I'd write. I have now been to the DR...well the nurse practitioner Karen, and she set my due date at October 17th...a day after my sister's birthday...how neat! I have been so sick this week...I can eat, but not if I think about it first, or if I have to cook it, or if I smell it! I know that don't leave many options...I have developed an obsession for Subway sandwiches...white bread, turkey & american cheese...pickle,lettuce, tomatoe, light mayo. Crazy, but that is the ONE thing I can think about and it doesn't send me into dry heaves! I also have a problem drinking...I am so thirsty!!!!!!! BUT if I drink water it comes right back up...anything else gives me SEVERE heartburn, and b/c I'm only 7 weeks I can only take TUMS...which make me GAG! Cranberry Juice slushes from Sonic are my drink of choice at the moment... really cold & not too sweet! There's only one problem with my choice of food and drink...I have to GO GET THEM! I have the energy of someone getting over the flu...and keeping up with Karleigh takes all of that and more...so...I guess the jist of the blog is that right now I am EXTREEMLY HAPPY to actually be pregnant, and can't wait to hold that sweet little angel in my arms, BUT...I will be SO GLAD when my time of sickness is OVER! It's amazing that I forgot how bad this was last time...one of God's miracles!