Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I haven't been on the computer a lot lately b/c I have been REALLY TIRED, and kind of sick...hmmm I've been that way before...wonder what it could be...maybe...surely NOT...I mean it's been over a YEAR...I'm not...OH YES I AM...pregnant! Praise THE LORD for miracles! I really thought Karleigh would be it. After my miscarriage in Oct. of 05 I went through a very bad bout with depression, and then we decided we really did want another baby, but month after month ...nothing! I was getting ready to make an appointment to make sure there was nothing wrong with me...WELL, now we know! hahaha...God is so good...he even knows the right timing...I found out on my MOM's birthday...which has been a really hard day in the past...the baby is due in OCT...which is the month I lost my other baby...WOW! It's really early still, and I do worry...BUT, I am going TRUST and NOT WORRY...because God knows the plans He has for me...they are not necessarily my plans, but they are for my GOOD!

Friday, February 2, 2007

More Pictures...

I had my niece and nephew here today, and I have been wanting to get some good pictures of them with Karleigh for awhile...So when Cael went down for a nap I fixed the girls' hair and let them choose dresses...then we did a "photo shoot". When Cael got up we took more pics! HOW FUN! I love taking pictures and then going over them to see if there are any good's some of them from today! the way Shantay, I wish I could have scrapbooked today...did you guys have a good time? I didn't think it would be a good Idea with 3 kids! hahaha...maybe next week!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


It's the first day of February, and we finally got a snowday! Jason is home from school, and he brought a snowdisc home for Karleigh yesterday. We have been out in the cold 2 times today! I think it is warmer than they predicted b/c the snow is starting to melt...It could be a mess tonight if it freezes over! We went for a walk on the railroad tracks behind our house and I took some pictures...some of Karleigh turned out OK. We also managed to build a small snowman for Karleigh...she ran in the house and came back carrying a baby carrot..."for his nose" she said! HaHaHa...What fun!