Friday, November 7, 2008

old memories

I found this picture of me when I was Karleigh's age...with Ben. I thought of all the pictures I have of Karleigh holding Kole...there is almost the same age difference between us. Check out those BE U TI FUL shoes! Karleigh would die if I made her wear those! LOL! I was definitely not as concerned with my looks as she is...I probably didn't have a choice! Ben was such a big baby...he weighed almost 12 pounds when he was born...he was almost as long as me!

I also found this picture...Oh my goodness it looks like Cael! This is Diana, my sister with my dad. She has trouble seeing herself in her little boy sometimes...she can't deny it in this one!

Then there is this picture... Wow! he had his hands full...two thumb sucking girls who hated to have their fingernails cut! I can still remember knowing Dad was planning on cutting finger and toenails, and hiding in the bed hoping he'd forget...he cut them so short...I still remember how it felt! Of course I'm sure, now having kids of my own, that he had to cut them short because who knows when he'd hold us down long enough to cut them again... That was always one of Dad's jobs!