Monday, January 5, 2009

I can't keep up!

WELL, it's been a LONG TIME since I've posted anything. I think about it all of the time, but then I decide to do something else that needs to be done... That seems to be the way it goes for me! I am all of the time coming up with fun creative ideas to "destress" or "unwind"...blogging included...but it never works out the way it does in my head! Why is that? I think the last 2 weeks have been a more like a tornado!
It went by so fast and furious I forgot to enjoy it I think! We started out with taking pictures for our Christmas card. I got my friend Kim to meet us on Saturday to try to retake pictures that didn't turn out from the Sunday before. We got some good ones, but Kole was a mess! I got home, edited pictures, and sent our card to WalMart ordering 30 cards...Jason went to pick them up and I MISSPELLED KARLEIGH'S NAME on all of them! (YEAH MOM!) So, I tried to re do the order only to find that WalMart wasn't taking 1 HR orders over the computer...had to go TO WM...which I avoid at all costs this time of year...esp on SATURDAY. Anyway, we ended up ordering some from Walgreens which I didn't like as well b/c they are glossy!
Monday we took Karleigh for her annual Christmas week DR appointment...she always starts coughing this time of year. She had double ear infections and chest congestion...they put her on an inhaler, cough meds, and an antibiotic.
Tuesday was the day of cram everything into this day that you possibly can... Jason and I were crazy enough to get married on the 23rd of our anniversary always falls right in the middle of CHAOS! I got up on that morning and took Karleigh to Walmart to finish printing some pictures for gifts, and to let her pick out a few things for her friend. Then we headed to Kim and Evan's to make cookies...a tradition we started last year! We made so many cookies that we couldn't possible decorate them all, and Evan and Karleigh tired out long before the decorating was finished. We left there and come home for naptime so that we could take the kids to Karleigh's teacher's house for the evening so Jason and I could go to eat and to a movie...something we do maybe once a year! We started out the door and Kole had a BLOW OUT diaper and we had to completly change him. We dropped the kids off and had 45 min. to eat and get to a we parked at Italian Gardens I looked down at my feet only to discover that I still had Kole's diaper bag...which they would greatly need if he had another BLOW OUT! (he did) SO, we ate, took the diaper bag back up the hill, went to WalMart, and Hastings...then drove thru Starbucks to end the night! I was exhausted by the time we picked the kids up and got them to bed at 11! We didn't even watch the movie until 6 days later! The fun only kept going, but I will save Christmas for later since you are probably exhausted just reading this!

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Kaye Butler said...

I don't like Walgreens cards either. I worked for 3 days to get my bosses picture just right for their cards, edited them, added the Christmas background and then found out ... duh...walgreens is just gonna put that picture into a card...which looked stupid and glossy.

Your holidays sounds like mine HECTIC.

Can't wait to see more pictures!