Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have learned...

I have been a mom for 4 years now, and I would not say that I have learned it all. I have learned a few things though!
1. NEVER say "my child will NEVER do..." (they will)
2. Listen to the advice of other mothers/fathers...you don't have to follow the advice, just LISTEN and be openminded...they've been there, done that, and have the t-shirt (usually stained) to prove it!
3. SLOW DOWN...I think that children are God's way of making you slow down even if you don't want to. Take time to memorize their tiny fingers, toes, nose, eyelashes...tomorrow they will be different...they grow soooooooooo fast!
4. If someone offers help...let them help...if you don't want them to do what they offer to do, FIND something they can do. There will be PLENTY of times that you are all on your own...and that child is yours for a lifetime (YOU can hold them when they are screaming in the middle of the night...that's one of those "on your own times").
5. Read a lot of information about raising your child/children, but don't LIVE BY THE BOOKS...unless it's the BIBLE. EVERYONE has an opinion, but each child is different...God gave you a mother's instinct for a reason (not paranoia...know the difference).
6. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY somemore!!!! When you are at the end of your rope, hold your child and say, "God, you gave me this child, now PLEASE give me the patience, wisdom, and sanity to do what is right." Let your kids hear you pray so they will know that your strength comes from the Lord.
7. Don't become so wrapped up in your child/children that you forget that YOU need time too! Sometimes you need to call a babysitter (even for and hour). You can put the baby in their room, shut the door, and call a friend, read the Bible, spend time with your husband... or even SLEEP...
8. Remember that your family existed BEFORE the baby came, your child is a PART of the family not the HEAD of the family! There will be some weeks/days...that you will need to remember that!
9. You WILL make mistakes! Sometimes BIG ones...Look around you, see all the adults...they were all kids once with parents who made mistakes...THEY LIVED!!!! Your child will too!
10. AND...remember that we are ALWAYS learning! NO ONE knows it ALL! If you don't know that yet, YOU WILL!!!!!

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