Thursday, February 25, 2010

The little things...

Do you see this face? Sweet little 6 (almost 7) year old Karleigh! I just love her to pieces! She can be honery sometimes, and knows how to stomp all over my last nerve, but she's also got a direct line to my heart! I have thought lately about how I am so busy that I am missing the little things that are going on around here. I have resolved to look for the things that I would normally pass by and not notice in the craziness of life! I can't keep up with anything because I am so unorganized that even if I "file" it away, I forget where the "file" is so I am taking pictures! I thought I'd share a couple of my finds!

I almost threw this away before I stopped to notice what it was. We were having company so I quickly went into the front bathroom to wipe it down and make sure it was presentable. As I was cleaning the piles of magazines and notebooks off of the vanity I found this. Karleigh isn't quiet very often, and when she is we always know where to look for her! THE BATHROOM! LOL! I think with her two brothers she needs a place to escape, and the bathroom has become her hideaway! When she is in there she always takes a notebook, pencil, crayons, scissors, book...lots of busy work! On this particular night it looks like she was thinking of her day at school. She practiced addition, and started a list of her classmates! She wanted to post her work, and since we have a crib in her room where her whiteboard and corkboard are supposed to be...she used the band-aid box! What creativity! She even stored her pencil for future use!
Now this little gem I found a little earlier in the year and put it away to use in a scrapbook "someday maybe" when I get to do that again. BUT, I lost it for awhile and just recently found it again! This sign was on the bathroom door! It took me a little bit to be able to decipher it, but I got a laugh when I did! For those of you who don't read 6yr old language, it says "No Knocking at the Door when People are in Bathroom". So funny! I have a few more pictures, but they are on my other camera so I will have to share them later. Until I can scrapbook again I thought I'd keep up with this on my blog...well, it's my intention anyway!

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