Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Tooth


OH MY GOODNESS! I want to write on this blog everyday, but it seems like the creativity has been sapped from my brain. I sit down and just stare at the screen, and then end up looking over everyone else's wonderful blogs! I thought today that if I don't at least put something down I will never get started again...gotta start somewhere! Sooo, I decided to post some pics that I put on facebook in order to document the tragic accident we had here on Friday night! lol...not really that tragic, but it was really hard for me!

Jason, of course, had football. Karleigh was spending the night with her friend Merideth. The boys and I were hanging out and waiting on Daddy to get home. The later it got the wilder the boys were. I had just uttered the words "If you don't settle down, someone is going to get hurt"...well CRASH! Kaleb went face first off of his little riding toy into the floor. This happens all of the time because the boys crash into each other and the toy is rather light so he tumbles head over the handlebars quite frequently. Usually he cries for a minute, mommy kisses the boo boo, and it's all over. NOT THIS TIME!!!

Sorry if you are squeemish at the site of blood, but this picture is no match for what it REALLY looked like. The root of the tooth was stuck in his mouth...the tooth couldn't be pushed back in or pulled out. When he hit the floor, it smacked all his weight on that one tooth, broke some bone, and pushed the tooth backwards. He screamed for 45 minutes straight, and poor Kole was scared to death. I was trying to call Jason, the dentist, hygenist friends I name knees were weak!

Jason finally got home, and Bud and Betty (our adopted grandparents) came to help me with Kole. We got in touch with Dr. Bryant and he met us at the office to check the situation out. He looked at the tooth, and informed us that there was no putting it back in so it would have to come out!

Jason held Kalebs arms and legs and I held his little head. He cried at being held down, but once the tooth was out he was GREAT! He was a little trooper holding the ice pack on his mouth! I felt soooo sorry for him! Bless his heart, he kept pointing at his mouth and saying "Sissy"! Sissy had recently lost a tooth, and the boys had been pretending to have loose teeth for weeks! Well, he's now just like his sissy!

He's done really well except for the fact that he couldn't suck his paci to go to sleep for about 4 nights. His little lip took a beating, and has really hurt looks like raw meat! I know it's just a baby tooth, but it was a sad night for me because I wasn't ready for my baby to loose his tooth just yet!

So, as I write this post I'm I even have a good picture of his smile with his baby teeth? It was the sweetest smile to me because everytime I saw that little gap between his two front teeth I saw a little bit of my momma! I'm going to have to start a search now for a picture of that smile!!!

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Kaye Butler said...

Oh Em Gee. That was a lot of scary blood!!!!!! So much blood that I forgot what blog I was reading!!! LOL. Thanks for the comment earlier on my blog. We love you too and I remember all to well. You know I'm a photoaholic so plenty are being taken!!!