Friday, January 26, 2007

This is my baby! She's not a baby anymore, and that is becoming more a reality every day! I lay in bed the other night and cried because I started thinking about the fact that she will be going to preschool some next year, and then SCHOOL! (GULP) It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital...where does the time go....I know that all sounds so cliche', but oh how true it is! I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, and to stay at home with my kids...well so far it's only Karleigh, and I am NOT ready to give up my job just yet! I know that God knows the plans he has for me, and HIS ways are so much better than mine. Sometimes it just seems like maybe he should take my advice once in a while...hahahaha Right now my lap is full with Karleigh, Fluffy (Build a Bear Rabbbit, and constant companion), and blankets...kisses loving this morning...check back in a few minutes, and there will be crying and knashing of teeth....hahahaa...We're not boring around here. I am just trying to cherish the moments we can be like this...lazy and snuggly...if that's a word...Well, guess I'd better get Miss Karleigh dressed and busy...duty calls!

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julesm13 said...

Once again, you should seriously consider 1. professional photography & 2. Karleigh being a model! Beautiful picture and Beautiful Girl!