Thursday, August 7, 2008

my kitchen adventure

OK, so the house is really quiet right now because Kole is taking a nap, and Karleigh went to the DR with her daddy (amazing...he never goes to the DR). Jason has a sinus infection...which he gets every year at this time, and has let it go until he's keeping me up at night at 3AM I said "either you make an appointment or I will!". So he did! ANYWAY, that's another story. Back to it's so quiet, and I should be putting my make up on and fixing my hair and all that stuff since I have no! I decided on this rainy morning I was going to sit down and relax for a few! I have been feeling so "on edge" lately...I think that probably everyone feels like Karleigh who says "Mommy, your not being very nice to me right now..." I really haven't been nice in awhile, and I think it's in part because my house has been torn up for almost 3 months now! When you are a stay at home mom your house is your "workplace" and it is the only thing you feel you can really "control". My job is to make sure the kids are fed, entertained (to an extent), rested, clothed (although Karleigh slips out of the house half clothed at times), and loved! I also have about the same responsibilities for my husband. Something that falls under that description is making my grocery budget stretch through the month...not an easy task I can tell you. Well, that was all before we started on the kitchen renovation journey!
One day in March of 07 I went out in the garage (3 months pregnant) to get something out of the freezer, and ended up on my backside! When I got up I realized that the floor was soaking wet! I did an investigation and found that the hot water tank was leaking really bad. I crawled in the hot water heater closet, turned off the water, and called Jason to come home from work b/c I couldn't move all of the things that were floating in water. To make a long story shorter a plumber from our church came over and replaced the hot water heater and told us to just watch the walls to make sure they didn't get wet. We never noticed any water on the walls, but in May of 08 (MOTHER'S DAY) we decided to tile our kitchen floor to "update the house". As we moved the stove out and started tearing up the flooring the smell of mold met our noses! Underneath the flooring was a wet slab which had caused mold to was horrible...the cabinets were also ruined! Jason and I are not what you'd call "handy", but we ripped out the flooring and cabinets because we could not stand the smell.
An insurance adjustor came over and told us he would start trying to get us some money, but he couldn't promise us anything! Our journey started that day, and today, as I speak, I still do not have a functioning kitchen! We are close, but not there yet! It will probably be next week sometime at the earliest before I can run water in a sink, get a plate out of the cabinet, or put ice in my drink! I say that to say that for all of this time we have been eating out...which is not cheap, and gets really OLD after awhile! It is also really expensive to buy all microwaveable my "grocery budget" has been nonexistent over these 3 months. My house is also in chaos because we had to find a place for everything in the kitchen and laundry rooom...and that meant the garage...which is FULL or the other 3 rooms of our house! I just would like to be DONE so that I don't have to think about where we can eat out or what I can cook on the grill (in the 100+ degree heat) not to mention where do I CLEAN dishes that I cook in...the tiny sink in the bathroom where people wash their dirty hands and brush their teeth? EEEWWWW!!!! I also want to get on with making my house look presentable and's getting really small for us, but it will seem a little larger when things settle down and I can clean out all of the clutter and make my house a home again! SO, that's my rant for today...oh, also the counter tops that we've been waiting on for 4 weeks finally came in, but our cabinet guy is leaving on vacation after tomorrow he was going to install them today, but IT'S RAINING...and he can't transport them until the rain stops! SO...more waiting... I guess I should look on the bright side...I will be so happy to cook for at least a few months after I get my brand new kitchen!lol! Sorry everyone if you've been a victim of my "not nice" side...I feel like a caged tiger sometimes! It WILL BE WORTH IT ALL!

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Kaye Butler said...

I feel your pain.

My husband's professional trade is Stucco and construction.

He started the renovation of my bathroom in February. We can use it...but its not finished.

Maybe I'm not paying him enough.