Friday, August 15, 2008

Permission Granted!

Well, I have this habit of not blogging for days and then trying to catch up...this is one of those days... It's raining outside and the kids were napping when I started! How is it possible that they know just when I finish the laundry and supper and sit down to blog or read or whatever I want to do to relax for a few minutes! It's like they have a radar for mom relaxing! LOL! I know no one else has that problem but me! I love reading some people's blogs and thinking "wish I could be that funny" or "I used to know how to write". Well, how can you be funny or interesting when you have lil miss 5000 questions on your lap... Oh, I know, she'll be 16 before I know it and I will want those years back...and I realize that...I do get sad about her getting older...BUT, I just want 30 minutes! I'd even settle for 15 uninterrupted minutes! Jason can come home and tune it all out...sometimes I think he doesn't even know we have kids...he can sit at the computer for exaggeration!!!! Hello! What's my problem...maybe that's the key...just tune them out and forget they are here! HA HA HA! Why didn't I think of that sooner... except when we both come back to reality Kole will have eaten every bug, old Cheerio, and dust bunny within crawling distance, and Karleigh will be in the middle of the street with the "gang" of kids from the neighborhood finding out who's daddy just got out of jail...and that's no exaggeration! (a little girl from down the street told her the other day "you better watch out, my daddy just got out of jail!") UMHM...she's only 5 and this is what she's dealing with! ANYWAY, I blogged to say that I got to take pictures again the other day...these are maternity pics of our music minister and his wife...their baby, Madison, is coming Sept. 2! We had to take the pics at their house so lighting wasn't great, but I finally got permission to show them! Thanks Lindsey!

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