Monday, January 19, 2009

I will own the clinic...and the the end of the year!

Well, I never did finish my Christmas post so that you could hear of all the rest of the sicknesses that we endured over the holidays. ( I know you can't wait!) Now, we have even more to add! Christmas day Kole threw the back seat of the truck on the way to Fayetteville. It was everywhere and we had to stop on the side of the interstate...very unsafe I clean it up the best we could. Thankfully one of Jason's stocking gifts had been a new air freshener for the truck, and I had brought a whole container of wet wipes!
(Christmas night...right before I got sick)
(Kole drinking Powerade on Christmas day)
Christmas night was MY turn! I was so sick I couldn't leave my MIL's bathroom all night.(of course it had to happen when I wasn't in my own house) The next day I got some medicine called in to rub on my wrist so that I could make the trip home, and when I got there I was in bed for 2 days...NO ENERGY! On Monday I could have stayed in bed all day again, but we had another Christmas with Jason's cousins and my Grandmother and Aunt.
(Karleigh and her cousins Gage, Kade, and Zane)
(Karleigh, Kole, and my Granny)
We had a good time, but were just wiped out! Tuesday night Kole was up ALL night screaming...back to the DR! He had double ear infections so they gave him a shot and an antibiotic. We went to Petti Jean on Thursday to do the McGhehey family Christmas, and Thursday night Kole did not sleep...neither did I...I mean we watched the sun come up! I was so tired...and again not at home! I was so sore from holding a 22 pound one year old on my big pregnant belly all night! I needed a massage! LOL!
Jackson, Catherine, Kole, Karleigh, Hannah, Cael, and missing are Olivia (who was sick) and Hudson (who was filling his belly)
Anyway, we got home and finished our antibiotic...still not well so we went BACK TO THE CLINIC! This time we spent $121 on just the antibiotic! If this doesn't work we will be going to the ENT for tubes...even though this is the first bad ear infection he's had. UGH!!! In the last 2 weeks Jason and I have both had bronchitis and had to be on a zpack...which is not cheap either...I am SCARED to look at my bill from the clinic! Maybe one of these days our deductable will be met and we will get to pay the 20%! As of this morning BOTH of my children have an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:45. Karleigh's teacher said that she has had a DEEP chest cough all morning...which she had all night last night too despite the prescription cough meds, inhaler, and hot tea with honey we gave her. Kole is just NOT HAPPY... of course he is cutting about 5 or 6 teeth at a time right now, but he keeps poking his finger in his ears so...might as well kill 2 birds with one stone... Oh yeah, and all of this doesn't include the OB appointments that I've had (3 since Christmas for some reason) and the Chiropractor for me and Kole! I knew I should have chosen a different profession...oh wait I wouldn't be doing it anyway b/c I chose to stay home! LOL! Anyway, I am griping, but despite all of it I know that I am truly BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and I don't say that enough! We are not begging or going hungry for sure, and my kids are sick, but not bad sick like some are! We will get through this, and warmer weather is on the way Praise the Lord for that!


Ben and Bethany said...

We really hope ya'll are blessed with weeks and weeks of healthy days from here on out...and no I didnt know about Kmart but I dont think we have one around her (maybe in memphis)- that one in R'ville is one of the rare few around!

Dianne said...

I am one of Kaye's SIL and came to you for the pics! TOO FUNNY. I have one in the same time frame of her at my baby shower in 1991.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

We've had months like that - I don't know how we got through them, but we did. Hang in there!