Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 months with Kaleb

This was Kaleb in March...Just a few months ago...
This is Kaleb time flies, and WOW, isn't God good!

He is a very healthy 16 pounds, and growing more every day! He is laughing out loud, smiling, watching every move his sissy and brother make, reaching for things, staring at his hands and feet, babbling, and, thanks to sissy, lifting his head (especially in the car seat). I am NOT ready for him to start rolling over, sitting up, eating baby food...all of those things that mean he's not a "baby" anymore!

I LOVE the baby stage...I know I'm crazy, but it's so sweet...especially now when he smiles every time I walk into view! It's just something to feel like you are so loved and needed by someone so innocent and precious! Of course Karleigh and Kole need me too, but they just don't need me when I want them to! LOL! I haven't started Kaleb on cereal yet because he's not acting like he needs or wants to eat anything else...I had such a time with Kole that I decided to wait until I'm sure Kaleb's ready! I can't believe this is the same litte man that was at Children's just a few short months ago...what a great God we serve!

See, he's got all the little rolls and dimples that make you want to pinch him...which we all do quite often (not hard of course). This little man has brought us such joy and we are so grateful to have him in our family!

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lindseydenise said...

Hi my name is Lindsey Martin and I was just searching blog from folks from AR. GOD bless him, he is adorable. GOD bless you and your family. Feel free to drop by sometime on my blog. :)