Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel Blessed today!

For some reason today I have been reflecting on all of the things in my life that I have been blessed with. Too many times I feel like I don't stop in the craziness of things to say "thank you"! I THINK about how much I appreciate certain people or things, but I don't say it! First of all I am blessed with a wonderful husband who tries so hard to make me happy (as long as it doesn't involve rubbing my achy back LOL!). He has embarked on several projects around the house lately that are not his cup of tea, but he knows they need to be done...and he's done a pretty good job! He hired help to enclose our garage...which the kids LOVE! It looks pretty good, and gives the kids a place to run around and play even when they can't get outside.

(the garage room before it was finished)

He also helped me haul and put together a futon for that room...we worked together without even fighting, and only one screw has come loose since putting it together! (It's a miracle!) He did most all of the painting in our house since summer by himself, and it looks really good! AND, he's working on building a foundation for a shed in the backyard to put all of the "stuff" from the garage in. I have to say that the foundation is looking really good, and I am so proud of him for trying it on his own!

(Our SS teacher Bud Avants helping Jason on the foundation)

My dad is coming down next weekend to help put together the shed...and I think my brother in law too! (even more to be thankful for) Now, I know that all of those things seem little, but this is the AWESOME part...even with me not working, we managed to do all of those things without borrowing a cent! I know we can't take the credit for that...God has helped provide in so many ways! I am amazed!!! My house may not be a mansion, and yes, one day I would LOVE to have a place a little out of town with a little more room to move around, but this is HOME and I have so many good memories here! Little by little God is teaching me to be content with what I have. Believe me, I do have days that I want to throw everything to the curb...PILES of junk accumulate everywhere in this little house...but all in all WE ARE BLESSED!!! OH, and God also gave me a brand new kitchen this summer! It was a pain for awhile, but now it is so much nicer! We had a water leak which resulted in mold and damage to the floor and cabinets so the insurance company paid for new cabinets, flooring, and my mother in law even gave us a new dishwasher! Jason did a lot of work on all of that too! I also have 2 really good kids...who are, besides ear infections, and colds, healthy and happy! Oh yeah, I forget...and one on the way!
(Baby boy due April 13, 2009)

God is teaching me (slowly , He thinks) that he is giving me more than I ever dreamed of in my family! I miss my mom so much sometimes, and my sister is leaving for Ireland soon. I wonder why I feel like I'm so alone at times, but then God tells me! He wants me to learn to lean on HIM, and Jason, and my children. We are a family, and we need to learn to enjoy each other and become so close that no one or nothing can come between us! It's in those lonely and tough times that I think I realize just how He wants to bless me even more! I am His child and just as I want to give my children good things, He wants that EVEN MORE for me! I can't even wrap my brain around it sometimes! Anyway, Thank YOU God, and Thank YOU Jason...I love you and don't say it enough!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing was so uplifting and encouraging. It's great to see what the Lord is doing in your life. He's so good.

Melissa Blair said...

Beautiful Jana!! I love the new family photos!

Ben and Bethany said...

Yay Jason! Here's to the Lord blessing us with AMAZING husbands!